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Make your Air Conditioning system intelligent

Airco saver is an ultimate power that the next generation needs. Airco saver strengthens your AC system to run the most efficient way and as well as saves energy. It’s high intelligence mechanism just makes your device more capable of giving better output. The world power consumption is 23+ billion kilowatt hours. We need more power and more energy in order to create sustainable model for better world. And the solution is Airco saver.

Saves upto 30% Electricity and Cost

Energy efficiency is a no-regret strategy - that is, it can significantly reduce carbon emissions and other pollutions while saving customers money and getting the other benefits. Aircosaver focuses on this key point and adds to the mass local measures that can be taken to reduce pollution.

Reduces Carbon Footprint Do Less Damage

Energy efficiency is also considered the easiest and cheapest way of meeting city and national sustainability goals. Through Aircosaver, the reduced greenhouse gas emission can help meet regional air quality targets as well.

One Time Purchase Recurring Savings

Thoughtful planning and energy-efficient designs can help revitalize cities and towns through greener homes and better accommodations for people. Aircosaver should be your first choice in these plans as a cost-effective, necessary energy upgrade.

How to install

Key Benifits

What are the benefits of airco saver?

Easy to Install

  • Separate versions are available for different power supplies for easy installation. This also makes the product cost-effective as no additional transformers are needed.

  • Significantly increased current switching capacity which ensures no need for an additional relay for most applicators.

  • Each version can come with or without strain reliefs for the wiring, enabling both internal and external mounting of the Aircosaver.

Improved Protection for your AC unit

  • New anti short cycling protection.

  • Protection from short, potentially damaging power outages.

Pocket-friendly Software Algorithm

  • Optimized parameter settings that cause more savings while causing little change no noticeable change to your cooling comfort.

  • Customized savings algorithm for residential and light commercial units.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

  • New housing made of non-flammable, shock-proof polycarbonate (UL94-V0).

  • Compliant to UL and CE regulations.

  • Developed and manufactured in Germany using top quality standards.

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